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Amazon Alexa Tweak, Dirtiest Things In Your House & First, Scary Glimpse Of Spring Break

On this morning's Chadd and Kristi Show: A fix for Amazon Alexa, the most contaminated things in your house, our b98.7 Worker of the Week, a reality show we can FINALLY relate to and our first--and scary--look at Spring Break 2018.

Worker of the Week

Congratulations to this week's Worker of the Week--Tina Martin of Tampa. She works at Consolidated Electrical Distributors. She gets a certificate, spotlighted on our website AND Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for a year!! Tina, we're glad to have you as part of the team this week.

Here are the top things people were googling:

Sir William Henry Perkin--He was a British chemist credited with being the first person to create dye. He was the the top search over the past 24 hours because he was the featured Google Doodle.

Tiger Woods--Even though he didn't win the Tampa Bay area's Valspar Championship, Tiger had an impressive showing and that helped land him as the #2 most searched item.

Mother's Day--This was one of the top searches because it was Mother's Day in England and apparently a lot of people in the U.S. freaked out that they'd missed it.

Here's what else is going on:

Tired of saying "Alexa" so much? Amazon has a fix for that. They've done an update to their popular smart assistant so you don't have to say her name every time you ask her a question. The way it works: After you enable the new feature, which is called "Follow-Up Mode," you'll have 5 seconds to ask another question without having to repeat her name after Alexa answers your initial query.

The Most Contaminated Things In Your House: The list is out of the things in your home that are the most germ-filled--and you might be overlooking one of the biggest culprits: your pet's food bowl. According to Mental Floss, NSF International, a company that does product testing and inspection--did a review of a bunch of different household items and your pet's food bowl came in as the 4th dirtiest item in the house, putting you and your pet at risk of getting sick. While you might think your bathroom is the top spot for the most bacteria, only one item in the top 4--#3 your toothbrush--lives in there. The kitchen sink lands in 2nd place, right behind kitchen sponges/rags, which are the nastiest household items.

So back to that pet food bowl...the experts say that just because you may only be giving your pet dry food doesn't mean that you can avoid washing them regularly, with veterinarian Dr. Jessica Vogelsang saying that things like E. coli and Salmonella residue can be left behind in our pet's food bowls.

So how often should you be washing your pet's dishes? The NSF says both food and water bowls should be washed daily. They take it one step further and say you should have either ceramic or stainless steel bowls because when plastic ones crack, it gives germs a nice little hidey hole.

Brace yourself for Spring Break 2018. This was at Clearwater Beach and it has only just begun. LOL

7:10am b Morning Brainteaser Question

What percentage of people have a social media account for their pet? According to Parade Magazine, around 20% of pet owners have created a social media account for their furry friend.