Bradenton Man Wins Custody Battle Over Charles Manson's Remains

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation via Getty Images

Jason Freeman of Bradenton, Florida, has won a bizarre custody battle over the body of his deceased grandfather.

What makes the story so odd is that Freemna's grandfather was Charles Manson.

Yes, THAT Charles Manson.

Manson became infamous for his orchestration of the brutal slayings carried out by his cult called "the Manson Family".

Kern County (California) Superior Court Commissioner Alisa Knight granted Freeman the right to collect his grandfather's remains which have been in cold storage since his death in November of 2017.

There was no comment released, but according to, Freeman had previously stated that he wished to put to rest “this so-called monster, this historical figure that shouldn’t have been blown up as big as it was for all these years.”

Freeman, who owns a home in Bradenton, fought a long battle over the rights to the remains with a man who claimed to have been fathered by the cult leader and a 'friend' of Manson's who sought to stake a claim to the killer’s body by filing what he claimed was a will.

While Freeman may now cremate his grandfather's remains, there may yet be legal action taken over an estate that may possibly include the rights to music penned by Manson and the rights to his likeness.