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Why Dogs Listen To Women More, 2 Sales Tax Holidays, A Reality Show We Can Relate To & More

On this morning's Chadd & Kristi Show: Get ready for a couple of Florida Sales Tax Holidays; we found out why dogs tend to listen to women more than men; plus a new reality show we can relate to...

Here's what people will be talking about today:

Fortnite--This was a huge search yesterday because of reports that a bunch of users of the game have been hacked and had fraudulent charges on their accounts.

Printable NCAA Bracket--It is time again for March Madness & apparently a lot of people are getting ready for their office pools.

Jay-Z & Beyonce--Yesterday, the pair confirmed that they are going to be hitting the road again for a new tour, called On The Run II--and they will be coming to Florida. We'll have tickets to give away next week around 7:10am every morning on the Chadd & Kristi Show. Plus, if you don't want to take a chance and want to get your tickets before they go on-sale to the general public. We're going to be doing a special ticket pre-sale beginning Friday morning at 9. Get the info on the pre-sale by clicking HERE.

Here's what else is going on:

Get Ready For A Couple Of Florida Sales Tax Holidays: Two different sales tax holidays have been approved again for this year, according to the Florida State Senate website, there's one for Disaster Preparedness that will run from June 1st-7th, to coincide with the beginning of Hurricane Season. During that time, you'll be exempt from sale tax as you stock up on certain supplies to prep for the season. The second sales tax holiday benefits those who need to buy school supplies. The Back-To-School Sales Tax holiday will run August 3rd-5th and will cover only certain supplies.

Why Dogs Tend To Listen To Women More: A study from the Royal Society of Open Science finds that women are more adept at reading a dog's emotions given their tendency to have higher emotional sensitivity, ultimately making them what PopSugar classifies as "more fluent in dog." The result: dogs are more apt to listen to women.

Finally A Reality Show We Can Relate To: Netflix has debuted a new original series that most of us can relate to. According to EW, it's called Nailed It and is described by the site as, "Netflix’s Nailed It is a baking competition show for anyone who has tried to copy a Pinterest recipe and epically failed.” There are 6 episodes with competitors trying o recreate fancy treats, hosted by Nicole Byer, chef Jacques Torres and a special guest host on each show. The winner who comes closest to emulating the recipe will be awarded $10,000.

#bNice Salvation Army Test Non-Profit Grocery Store: The Salvation Army is doing a pilot program in which they are opening a non-profit grocery store in a poor area of Baltimore that lacks places where people can buy healthy food at a low cost. According to the Huffington Post, the store, called DMG Foods, will have everything a traditional grocery store has: national brands of non-perishable items, a butcher, deli, store samplings, cooking demonstrations, prepared salads & meats--plus it will also have guidance on meal-planning, nutrition & shopping. The hope is to expand the program to other cities around the country.

7:10a b Morning Brainteaser Question:

How many men say they have shed a tear in the past month? According to Men's Health Magazine, 40% of men polled said they have cried at least once in the past month.