Shutterstock / Perry Correll

Get Ready For A Couple Of Florida Sales Tax Holidays

Get ready to save a little bit of money after two different sales tax holidays have been approved again for this year. Mark your calendar for June & August. 

That's according to the Florida State Senate website. There's one for Disaster Preparedness that will run from June 1st-7th, to coincide with the beginning of Hurricane Season. During that time, you'll be exempt from sales tax as you stock up on certain supplies to prep for storm season, like batteries, flashlights costing $20 or less, coolers costing $30 or less, radios and tarps costing $50 or less and generators costing $750 or less, among other items.

The second sales tax holiday benefits those who need to buy school supplies, but you'll have to pack all of your shopping into one weekend to take advantage of that one. The Back-To-School Sales Tax holiday will run August 3rd-5th and, as in past years, will cover only certain supplies, including clothing, footwear, and backpacks costing $60 or less, as well as school supplies costing less than $15.