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Chadd & Kristi: Pi Day Freebies/Deals, Crumb-Resistant Keyboard, Burn Calories In Your Bath & More

On this morning's Chadd & Kristi Show: It's Pi Day and you can celebrate with some freebies and deals at some pizza places and other restaurant chains, there could be a crumb-resistant keyboard in the works, how to burn calories by taking a bath, puppy tragedy on a flight & more.

Here are the top things people will be talking about today:

Stephen Hawking--This was, by far, the top search with 5,000,000 internet queries as word spread that the famous British physicist had passed away.

Rex Tillerson--This was the 2nd most popular search after the Secretary of State was given his walking papers yesterday.

Gigi Hadid--the supermodel and her boyfriend, former One Direction bandmade, Zayn Malik, split up.

Here's what else is going on:

It's Pi Day -- and you can get some freebies and deals because of it. A lot of pizza & restaurant chains have offers, including Hungry Howies, BJ's Brewhouse & Restaurant, Villa Italian Kitchen, Boston Market, Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen, Village Inn & Whole Foods. Click HERE to see USA Today's full list--and, as always, it's at participating locations, so you may want to call ahead to double check.

Puppy Tragically Dies On United Flight: Add another customer service snafu to United Airlines list--and this time, it cost a family their beloved family pet. According to The New York Times a family was ordered to put their French Bulldog puppy's pet carrier in the overhead bin with the dog in it. A passenger sitting behind the family on the flight said she heard the whole thing, including the flight attendant telling the family that the pet carrier, which was under their seat, was a safety hazard because it was blocking the aisle. The family eventually complied--and discoverd that the dog had died when they arrived in New York. United Airlines has apologized to the family and said they're investigating the tragedy because putting an animal in the overhead bin is against their pet policy, which does allow passengers to pay $125 to travel in the cabin with their non-service animal in a pet carrier for the duration of the flight.

Crumb-Resistant Keyboard? Yep, Apple is working on coming up with a keyboard that will help keep your keyboard cleaner. The Sun reports that Apple has submitted a patent application for a bunch of different ways to keep dirt out, including things to seal up spaces with things like brushes, wipers, gaskets and flaps, as well as a membrane under the keys that would some how push out air when keys are pressed, which would help keep it clean by expelling any dust or dirt.

Want To Burn Calories? Take A Bath. A new study finds that taking a bath can burn as many as 130 calories, which is about the same as taking a 30-minute walk. According to The Sun, the Loughborough University study found that to get the calorie burning benefits, the bath has to be 104 degrees and you have to sit in it for 30 minutes. They also found that it lowered blood sugar by about 10%.

#bNice Story Of The Day:

This week Jason Derulo spent some quality time with the kids at his childhood Boys & Girls Club in South Florida. Billboard reports that he spoke to the kids about things like conquering stage fright. He also took along his choreographer and some dancers to teach the kids some moves to his latest single "Colors," which they captured on video and will feature some of that footage in the song's official music video.

7:10a b Morning Brainteaser Question:

What is the #1 way to mess up a job interview? Your choices were: Being late to your interview, whining too much or not being prepared. According to, the majority of hiring managers say being late to your interview is the #1 way to botch a job interview.