Getty Images / Scott Olson

Puppy Dies In Overhead Bin During Flight

This is such a sad story. A family's beloved puppy died after a United Airlines flight attendant made them place it the overhead bin during a flight from Houston to New York. That's according to The New York Times that reports that a passenger sitting behind the family on the flight said she heard a flight attendant tell the family that the puppy's pet carrier, which had been under the seat, was blocking the aisle and then demanded that the French bulldog had to be moved to the overhead bin. The woman said the dog's owner eventually complied, putting the carrier with the dog in it in the overhead bin. The puppy started barking, but then quit after a while. Upon arrival, the family discovered their dog had died as passengers were preparing to disembark.

This is the latest in a series of customer service nightmares for United Airlines, which has apologized to the family and said they're investigating the tragedy because putting an animal in the overhead bin is against their pet policy, which does allow passengers to pay $125 to travel in the cabin with their non-service animal in a pet carrier for the duration of the flight.