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Passing Of Cirque Du Soleil Performer After Tampa Show Fall, Bizarre Flavor Trend, Facebook Issue Fixed & More

This morning on the Chadd & Kristi Show, we found out the latest bizarre flavor trend that might have you scratching your head, another Facebook issue fixed, candy hearts may be going away and sad news that the Cirque du Soleil performer that fell during Saturday night's Tampa show passed away.

Here's what people will be talking about:

UNC Basketball--It is definitely March Madness. The majority of people hitting the internet to search for stuff typed in something relating to basketball, which UNC Basketball taking the top spot.

Yann Arnaud--Sadly, he was one of the top searches because he was the Cirque du Soleil performer who died after falling during Saturday night's Volta performance in Tampa.

Powerball--The jackpot was getting up there, so this was something people were searching to find out if they'd won the $457 million dollar prize. One person Pennsylvania.

Here's what else is going on:

Candy Hearts May Be Going Away: There's word from the Boston Globe that Necco (the New England Confectionery Company), which makes those candies as well as different flavors of Necco wafers, Mary Janes, Banana Split Chews, Mighty Malts and more, is reportedly in trouble. According to Mashable, the company is looking for a buyer and if it doesn't find one it could fire the majority of its' employees and close its' doors by early May.

Would You Try This Concoction?  When you think of slushie flavors, you probably think of cherry, grape...maybe strawberry or blue raspberry...but would you think of indulging in a pickle slushie? Apparently, Sonic thinks a lot of people will since pickle juice is a trendy thing right now. USA Today reports that Sonic will debut a Pickle Juice Snow Cone Slush in June for a limited time. And before you crinkle your nose, Food & Wine sampled it and called it "surprisingly delicious," adding in their review that it is, "Sweet and tangy, the bright brine compensates for the over-savoriness you might have been worried about." 

Another Facebook Fix: This time, the social media giant had to fix an issue with their search engine on their site that was definitely not safe for work. Here's what was happening: anytime someone would type in "video of" the auto-fill feature was bringing up explicit or violent suggestions. That's according to Mashable that reports that Facebook corrected it, put out an apology on Friday, saying that they're trying to get to the bottom of how those suggestions came up in the first place as they do not allow sexually explicit material on the site.

Snuggie Refunds: If you took advantage of that "Buy One Get One Free" Snuggie deal, you may have some money coming your way. That's according to Cosmopolitan Magazine that reports that the Federal Trade Commission found that the company didn't do enough to disclose extra fees that came with the supposedly free 2nd Snuggie that ultimately ended up almost doubling the price, so the company is going to be sending out refund checks of around $33.14 to buyers sometime this month.

Free Pizza: Little Caesars Pizza is giving away some free pizza in connection with their March Madness "If Crazy Happens" promotion--and indeed, something crazy happened when a 16th seeded team beat a #1 seed. That's according to Business Insider that reports that the pizza chain will be giving away free lunch combos on April 2nd from 11:30am-1pm that include a "deep deep" personal pizza and 20-ounce Pepsi. But it's at participating locations only, while supplies last, one offer per family only and some other restrictions. Click HERE to see Business Insider's article for all the specifics.

Americans Are More Caffeinated Than Ever: We are drinking more coffee than ever with a survey from the National Coffee Association finding that 64% of Americans ages 18 and up indulging in at least one cup a day, according to The Business Times.

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