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Would You Eat "Sliced" Ketchup?

Have you heard that there is now such a thing as "sliced" ketchup? Yep, it's a thing. Would you give it a try? Or do you prefer your ketchup cascading out of a bottle?

Time Magazine says it's LA foodie Emily Williams who came up with it to take your sauce experience to the next level. Williams says of her "Slice of Sauce" creation, "The slice is going to revolutionize the way we sauce. But it's also all-natural, no preservatives. This flavor is the real deal."

So far, sliced ketchup is just in the beginning stages with Williams trying to raise money on Kickstarter to get her invention to production.

The Twitterverse was split on its' reactions to the idea.

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One company wants to change the way you use ketchup by serving it in slices. https://t.co/oJrH07AUYn