CRAZY VIDEO: Crane Collapses At Construction Site Of New St. Petersburg Police Department Headquarters

In St. Petersburg the police department has a new headquarters under construction and on Tuesday, tragedy was narrowly avoided when a crane collapsed. The heavy lift crane can be seen hoisting a heavy load as the boom begins to descend. Then, the base of the crane rolls over and the entire machine crashed to the ground.

One worker can be seen barely escaping the mass of steel and cable as it crashed down, seemingly at his feet.

We're happy to report that no injuries were reported in the collapse.

Watch the video, supplied to the Tampa Bay Times by the SPPD below...

This video, supplied by the St. Petersburg Police Department, shows a toppling crane narrowly missing construction workers at the site of the new St. Petersburg Police headquarters this morning.Details:

Posted by Tampa Bay Times on Thursday, April 5, 2018