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Surprising Things Americans Will Do For A Pay Raise

American workers have weighed in on some surprising things they would do in exchange for an immediate 10% pay increase.

What is having the right to vote worth to you? You might be surprised to find out that there's a new survey in which a growing number of people reveal that they'd be willing to give up voting for life in exchange for a pay raise. That's according to Moneyish that reports that the new survey from LendEDU finds that almost 35% of American workers would give up their right to vote forever for a pay raise. And 9% say that they'd also be willing to sell out their kid's right to vote for the rest of their life.

This new survey info supports a recent survey from student loan company Credible that discovered that 50% of Millennials were willing to give up their voting rights in exchange for having their student loan debt erased.

Some of the other things American workers would do for a 10% pay raise:

  • Almost 60% would be willing to clock in for an additional 10 hours a week for the rest of their life
  • More than 50% would work one weekend day every weekend for a year
  • More than 40% would give up going to the dentist
  • Almost 19% would forego health insurance for 5 years
  • Almost 18% would relinquish Social Security benefits for 2 years
  • More than 12% would ditch their significant other