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On The Job: Lies People Tell At Work

Think you're a pretty honest person at work? You're a good employee, right? You show up on time, you're friendly with your coworkers, etc. But do you always tell the truth? Maybe not.

It turns out we may be telling more lies at work than we realize. That's according to Business Insider that reports that a workplace expert has weighed in on the subject. Lynn Taylor goes so far as to call lying in the workplace as a "pandemic." However, she concedes that most of those are more fibs than anything else, saying, "We bend the truth to make life easier. In many cases, we rationalize them as protecting others, thinking 'it'll keep the peace' or 'it's something everyone does.' But mostly lies are told because they're convenient and often a cover up."

According to Business Insider, these are the most common ways Taylor says people stretch the truth at work:

  • Covering up a mistake you made or saying it wasn't your fault when it was
  • Telling your boss an account is doing well when it isn't
  • Over-promising that you can meet a deadline that there's no way you can hit
  • Telling your boss/coworker their project is your top priority when it's really just one of a few that you're juggling
  • Telling your boss/coworkers you have a personal appointment that you need to leave work early for
  • Putting someone on an emergency deadline on a project when there really is no such deadline
  • Taking credit for someone else's idea