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Heinz Ketchup & Mayo Had A Baby Named Mayochup

Have trouble getting the perfect blend of ketchup and mayonnaise on your burger? Heinz thinks they've come up with the solution: Mayochup, which is their new blended version of the two condiments.

The New York Post says the company debuted it in the Arab Gulf states and there's no word on when -- or if -- it will be available in the U.S. Heinz marketing director Nicole Kulwicki said in a statement, "Heinz Mayochup will not be launched in the U.S. unless we get 500K votes. We look to America’s condiment lovers to tell us if this is something they want or if they prefer to remain Heinz Mayonnaise and Ketchup purists.” Click HERE if you want to cast a vote.

It's not exactly a new idea, just Heinz's version, as the mash-up has shown up before as "Fry Sauce" or "special sauce." But, would you give it a try?