Getty Images / Scott Gries

Ahead Of Today's NSYNC Walk Of Fame Star Ceremony, JC Chasez Dishes On Group's Future

Today is the day the guys from *NSYNC will be cement. Today is their Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, in which they'll receive an honorary star.

According to Entertainment Tonight, this is the first time that JC Chasez has hung out with his bandmates Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick in a couple of years.

Chasez told ET, "For me, [Mickey] Mouse Club was high school, *NSYNC was college and now I’m living life! I think everybody goes through those different phases, and that’s also what can make us relatable to a lot of people. We’re just doing it like everybody else.”

Of the rampant rumors about a possible reunion, Chasez said, “We’ll still give them a little bit here and little bit there, but there aren’t any plans for music. There are no talks about a reunion tour now. You get cool merch for now, and then the future is what it is.”