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Turns Out Venting At Work Is Good For You In A Couple Of Different Ways

Stuff really annoying you at work? Turns out that it is good for you to let it all out. That's according to Women's Health magazine that says the University of Melbourne  has put out the results of a new study about griping at work and it turns out it is good for you.

Dr. Vanessa Pouthier did the study and discovered that the real benefit of commiserating with coworkers is that it's a bonding moment that helps develop your relationship and it also helps you get the negative feelings out, so you can move on and be more productive.

Pouthier explains, “It helps people reduce stress and frustration and you notice palpable changes when team members engage in these activities.” She continues, “By engaging in those little rituals in their care planning meetings they processed some of that negative energy and left feeling more energized.”

The caveat is that if you're not careful, the commiserating can become toxic. So how do you avoid that? Pouthier recommends not targeting your griping at anyone in the room and to keep it to common frustrations everyone can agree upon.