Getty Images / Sean Gallup

American Airlines Joins Other Airlines, Changes Emotional Support Animal Rules

Add American Airlines to the list of airlines that is changing their rules when it comes to emotional support animals.

USA Today reports that starting July 1st, not only will you have to give their airline a 48-hour heads up that you intend to fly with an emotional support animal, but you'll also have to provide a doctor's note from a mental health professional, show proof of that the doctor is licensed and sign paperwork as to why you need the animal.

Also, American Airlines is restricting the types of animals that can travel with you as a comfort pet, saying that at least a dozen animals--including amphibians, ferrets, rodents, goats, spiders, snakes, non-household birds and animals with an odor, just to name a few--will no longer be considered emotional support animals. Additionally, your comfort pet has to be leashed during the entire travel time, be well-behaved, cannot block the aisle and must be able to fit in the area at your feet.

Click HERE to see American Airlines full policy.