"Flood Ready" or "Flood Worried"

Got some Good news. Gooder news. And, Goodest news.

When I purchased our home a few years back we were told we lived on the "Seminole Ridge", one of the few places in Pinellas County NOT in a flood zone. We are, indeed about 25 feet above sea level, while also only about 800 yards from the beach. I know, right!  But, being realistic, a cat 3, 4, or 5 storm could take care of that advantage with one lil ole' storm surge.

Good News: President Trump on Tuesday signed into law a four-month extension of the National Flood Insurance Program, providing relief to nearly 2 million Floridians through the end of hurricane season. The program was due to expire at midnight, but the Senate on Tuesday followed the House in approving the extension, the seventh short-term reauthorization amid ongoingcriticism over cost.

Gooder News: There's a cool online gadget for a sobering task: FloodIQ. com is a website created by the nonprofit First Street Foundation to help users visualize how rising sea levels are expected to affect their risk of flooding - not only now, but up to 15 years in the future. https://floodiq.com/

Goodest News: I got a simple flood insurance plan in less than 10 minutes using a site I found in the Times. https://neptuneflood.com/.

Friends, this is not an endorsement. Just something I found that may prove helpful for you. Be SAFE! And, Thank You for listening to the new B98.7!