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New Baby Names Sound Like Aisle At Whole Foods Market

So. Let's see. We already have Chip, Olive, Brie, and Basil - what new "food names" would you consider ~ Keith Connors

Check it out below and HERE at MyRecipes

Babycenter’s report on the trendiest baby names of 2018 is out, and the list is looking like Whole Foods. With more and more avocado-loving Millennials welcoming children, health food names are shooting up the charts.

While none of these tasty names cracked the top ten, they’ve seen a surge in popularity. There were 35 percent more girls named Kale born this year, with Kiwi (40 percent), Maple (32 percent), Saffron (31 percent), and Rosemary (20 percent) surging as well. Most of the foodie names that have turned trendy apply to females, though there are 15 percent more boys named Sage.

Babycenter postulates that more and more parents are “choosing baby names that reflect their love of healthy foods,” with the trendiness of clean eating and paleo diets playing a possible role. If you find yourself reaching for a baby name at some time in the future, all you need to do for inspiration is take a look in the fridge.