Andy Lyons/Allsport

Official Word: XFL Rasslin Football Coming To Tampa

Won't it be great of they have players with old and new "Rasslin Names" like  Gorgeous George, The Rock, and The Russian Destroyer ~ Keith Connors

The XFL just made it official. Tampa will be one of 8 cities to have a team in the new XFL launching in 2020 at Raymond James Stadium. The first season will start February 8 and 9, just after the Super Bowl. Promising "less stall and more ball," the XFL says they will "re-imagine" football. They say that means things like a shorter play clock, changes to punts, and fewer TV timeouts. They say it'll be an affordable, family-friendly experience. Hillsborough County Commissioner Ken Hagan said at the press conference that Tampa's passion for football will be a perfect fit. He says in Tampa Bay, "It's game day everyday."