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Do you drink 2wice as much over Holidays?

Don't judge me. I don't drink ANY of the top 5 holiday drinks. And, what the heck is Glogg ~ Keith Connors

  1. Eggnog: 40 percent
  2. Coffee with Baileys: 34 percent
  3. Christmas beer: 28 percent
  4. Cider: 27 percent
  5. Hot buttered rum: 21 percent

Check if out on FOX NEWS here.

The average American consumes double the amount of alcoholic drinks over the holidays than any other time of year. This fascinating statistic emerged in a new study exploring how much more social we are over the time between Thanksgiving and New Years and found that the average American will drink 100 percent more when holiday season sets in.

The average respondent drinks four alcoholic drinks per week but see their drinks consumption double to eight drinks a week during this festive period. The survey also revealed that that consumption naturally correlates with how often we’re going out, as the average American polled will attend three times more social functions and parties, too.

The survey also went on to ask respondents about their favorite holiday drinks and found eggnog, perhaps unsurprisingly, reign supreme (40 percent.) Coffee with Baileys also had a strong showing (34 percent), with Christmas beer rounding out the top three (28 percent).

Top 10 holiday drinks

  • Eggnog: 40 percent
  • Coffee with Baileys: 34 percent
  • Christmas beer: 28 percent
  • Cider: 27 percent
  • Hot buttered rum: 21 percent
  • Hot toddy: 20 percent
  • Mulled wine: 19 percent
  • Tom and Jerry: 9 percent
  • Wassail: 8 percent
  • Glogg: 8 percent