Red Tide. The Air That You Breathe.

Got an update for you on the Red Tide. Some beaches, real nice. Downside is, wind and current can change things up a little each day.  And, a link for you to check "toxic air conditions". Hope it helps. ~ Keith Connors

Great Places In America? How 'bout That Riverwalk !

We're up against some stiff competition for this award. There's the Uncas Leap Heritage Area in Norwich, Conn. The the very hot Katy Trail in Missouri. And, don't forget the Detroit Riverfront. Our toughest competition may be the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. I think we can take 'em !

ding dong. oh, goodie my christmas tree is here!

Go up in the attic. Get the boxes down. Ug. Or go out to the woods and cut one down. Or, go to the lot and pay a million bucks for a 1/2 ass tree. No. No. And, No. Grab you phone. Amazon app. Done. Check out the info below ~ Keith Connors