About Chadd & Kristi

There are morning show teams… and then there is Chadd and Kristi: a team crazy enough to not only spend mornings together, but 24 hours a day together as husband and wife!

The two met and became a “team” while working at Rock 104 and attending the University of Florida in Gainesville. Both had lived very similar lives in that Chadd grew up in Indiana but moved to Florida his senior year of high school (and graduated from East Lake High School in Tarpon Springs) and Kristi grew up in Virginia and also moved to Florida her senior year of high school.

After graduation, the two relocated to the Tampa Bay Area where they married and set their sights on doing a morning show together, which ended up happening January of 2001 and continues to this day on the new B98.7 with Beasley Media Group Tampa.

Along the way, the pair also had two children – a son, Brendan and daughter, Emeline. Both are accomplished actors with Brendan appearing on the hit CBS show “Criminal Minds” and in the award-winning drama “Booth at the End” for the FX Network. Emeline has appeared in the dark comedy “Play Date” and in a commercial with internet sensation Kid President. And their dog, Einstein, rounds out the family.

During their successful morning show run here in Tampa Bay, Chadd & Kristi have been on a Marconi Award-nominated radio station and also have been nominated for an Emmy Award for their television work.

The two also share a passion for charitable work including an annual Toy Drive for Toys for Tots now in its 17th year. Visiting with children and families at hospitals around the Tampa Bay Area is also something the two do often, as well as visiting cancer patients, hosting numerous walks and charity functions throughout the year.

When they’re not working, Chadd & Kristi are avid theme park enthusiasts visiting such places as Toyko Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood in California and, of course, all of our great theme parks here in Florida. They also share a love of Star Wars and Sci-Fi conventions. Chadd is also an avid soccer follower and Kristi is a fanatic of all things cosmetics.