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World DOG Surfing Championships

Haaa! Cowabunga Dude...or WoofaBunga? Check out the video and "hang paw". All 45 contestants in the event in Pacifica, California won the hearts of spectators and fans. But, cats...not so much. Cats, as expected - were not impressed.

"Flood Ready" or "Flood Worried"

Got some Good news. Gooder news. And, Goodest news. When I purchased our home a few years back we were told we lived on the "Seminole Ridge", one of the few places in Pinellas County NOT in a flood zone. We are, indeed about 25 feet above sea level, while also only about 800 yards…

Zoo Denies Painting Donkeys to Look Like Zebras

A zoo in Egypt is facing backlash after a visitor accused them of painting 2 donkeys to look like zebras. Cairo's International Garden municipal park was visited by Mahmoud Sarhan. The student posted pictures on Facebook of the painted donkey-zebras and animal experts are saying that the animals look... suspicious. The zoo's director went on…

A 3-Year-Old Saved Her Dad From A Stroke - Here's How

Doctors say a 3-year-old girl saved her father's life when he suffered a stroke. Trevor McCabe suffered a stroke on the Fourth of July. 3-year-old Molly then called her mother, who works as a nurse, and showed her Trevor sprawled out on the floor. Trevor was taken to a hospital and is recovering. Molly's mom…

Paddle For Peace Kickoff and Event Dates

Paddle for Peace is a great event, benefiting The Spring of Tampa Bay - Department of Children and Families (DCF) certified Domestic Violence Center for Hillsborough County! My family has been involved over the past few years. Last year, our dog, Butters, even paddled with us! Check out the info below!

What Would You Do With $422 Million?

It is the question often asked when large lottery jackpots are a possibility. What would you do with the winnings? The Mega Millions jackpot is at $422 million for Friday night's drawing. This is just the 7th time that the jackpot for Mega Millions gone over the $400 million mark. It's now the 6th largest…