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About Keith Connors

Keith Connors caught the radio bug at The University of West Georgia and has hosted morning shows for over 20 years in Atlanta, Charlotte, St Pete, Nashville, and Birmingham.

Outside of radio, most of what Keith does revolves around his family. He grew up "an Atlanta boy" but was actually born in South Amboy, New Jersey and says he is "thrilled" to be in the Tampa Bay area because "It's our favorite place on the planet." He has a SUP (stand up paddleboarding) & Surf Meetup group of over 595 Members over at Indian Rocks Beach.

His wife Lisa is a realtor, and they have three daughters - Kaleigh , Kristen (she was born in St Pete), and the youngest, Kartis Ann. They also have 2 rescue dogs, Ollie and Peanut Butter Balls, aka Butters.

Connors says, "I really love meeting listeners. It’s cool learning about their lives and being involved in a positive way. I’m corny and old fashioned, but believe that by simply putting a smile on someone’s face – job 1 = done."

He likes to be a problem solver, and have fun doing it!

Work Passions: Broadcasting, Marketing, and Digital Technology.

Non Work Passions: SUP, Tennis, Motorcycles, Golf, Surfing,