A New Take on Frosé For Rosé Lovers Just In Time For Warm Weather

Yesterday, we heard that Rosé Seltzer is likely going to be a big trendy drink this summer. And, today we're finding out that there's going to be another refreshing Rosé concoction for summer.  Frosé-- a-k-a Frozen Rosé --will be making a return just in time for the warmer weather, but this time it will be available…

10 Best Ice Cream Sandwiches Ranked

Summer is in full swing, which means so is the heat! Want to cool down with a sweet treat? Since it's National Ice Cream Sandwich day, we’ve ranked our 10 favorite ice cream sandwiches! Make sure to try them all in order to fully appreciate this entire list.

Haagen-Dazs Boozy Ice Cream is a Dream

There are few things in this world that could make ice cream even better. Some ingredients that may come to mind that would enhance your dessert experience may be a banana, sprinkles, or even fruit. However, what if we told you that you can have booze mixed in with your favorite summertime treat?